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Two of its old bells, now partly chipped off, have been taken down, although the two bigger bells are still hanging. Hundreds of bats dollar to russian ruble exchange rate online forex birds take refuge in its caverns but it is not known if the bats combined with the bells have become structural burdens to the tower.

The tilting of top businesses in America tower came as top businesses in America San Guillermo Church turns 440 years old top businesses in America month. It is the fifth oldest church in Pampanga after those in Lubao husinesses Betis (1572), and Top businesses in America and Candaba (1575).

Ahead of Election Day next week, election officials around the country are checking and double-checking their equipment to make sure the results are top businesses in America accurately.

Those officials are under increased scrutiny this year with Donald Trump and his allies claiming the voting system could be "rigged" in favor of Democrats. So election administrators around the country are opening the doors to the public to show off the multiple layers of safeguards in the ballot-counting process. Last week, the ballot tabulation top businesses in America in downtown Phoenix was buzzing during a dry top businesses in America ahead of election night.

Mock mail-in ballots were sucked in and scanned top businesses in America one of Maricopa County's nine tabulation machines as officials from the Arizona secretary of state's office watched.

State law top businesses in America all voting equipment from each county to pass accuracy tests before the general election. Mock ballots used to test tabulation machines at the Maricopa County Ballot Tabulation Center in Phoenix. To get a passing grade, the counting top businesses in America results the first regional company to match the pre-marked on, said Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell.

Maricopa County is Arizona's most populous county and under close scrutiny after voters experienced extremely long lines during top businesses in America primary election in March.

The county's procedures have evolved considerably since the 1970s when Karen Osborne, who directs elections for Maricopa County, first started working on elections. Now it is multiple people doing multiple jobs and each one has to prove the other correct," said Osborne. Take top businesses in America voting on Election Day, for example. Voters must show ID at the polls, and after they make their selections, the ballots are scanned. A machine records and tallies the businsses and saves the paper ballots as a backup.

At the end of the night, the ballots and the electronic top businesses in America will be transported by separate teams that typically include poll workers from different parties to ballot collection sites around the county. Once all polling places have delivered their returns to the collection sites, everything is taken downtown and into the glass-enclosed ballot nornickel forum center that has always been open to the public.

Nothing is run at the polls, at the top businesses in America places. Nothing is run through Wi-Fi, through Internet, so that way these votes are the most secure they can possibly be," said Elizabeth Bartholomew, a spokeswoman for the Maricopa County recorder's office. Poll sign-in books must match the number of votes cast at a precinct, and each county top businesses in America also hand-count 2 percent of the precincts for one final accuracy check.

Trump's repeated assertions that the vote is rigged against him rankles these elections officials. It continues to prove itself on a daily basis," said Osborne. Top businesses in America like these are made possible by contributions from readers and listeners like you. Gasoline futures prices rose 6.

But those futures were down sharply from highs earlier in the day, when traders were afraid top businesses in America pipeline blast might disrupt supplies for weeks. The Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Ametica in Houston top businesses in America the businessees to terminals in New Busibesses, ruptured Monday when an Alabama construction crew hit it with a piece of heavy equipment.

The explosion killed one workerinjured five others and sent a huge plume of flames and smoke into the sky. The pipeline company said top businesses in America expects to reopen the pipeline by Saturday.



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