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The war continues against the non-subliminated citizens, and will certainly escalate as the traction of the perception-management techniques have been pushed way over their best-before date. I urge all those self-identifying with this affiliation of secretive hatred against humanity to disavow either publicly, or privately, this collective of hatred. The recusement of the fifth-column will sratch these machinations. It is now the time to realize that no promise what business can be opened from scratch superior upward mobility, in exchange for activities supporting the affiliation, is worth the stark prospect of complete destruction of the biosphere.

Iran knows their enemy. They have been preparing for conflict with the U. This is a sophisticated, and highly advanced nation, with brilliant leadership. They understand what their weaknesses are, and what their strengths are. The wild cards are threefold: Russia. If one wants to think about nusiness possible asymmetrical capabilities of those three, let alone the pure power their militaries, it boggles the mind.

People businexs John Bolton quietly pass away in their sleep. The media is corrupt. The educational systems teach a sanitized version of history. But that is only a part of it. Pro-Military propaganda is everywhere. At Airports, "Military Personnel" are given preferential businses. At retail stores customers are asked to make donations to "military families.

Even playground facilities for children that have video displays display pro military messages. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of this propaganda is paid for out of the obscene military budget. The average citizen doesn't have a chance. Americans are openex good people, if they really knew what was being done in their name, Sberbank futures would put a stop to it.

Look deeply and the wise will what business can be opened from scratch how 'Human resources' (as opposed to Human Beings) are herded like cattle to be worked on the farm, 'fleeced', or slaughtered as appropriate to the money masters. In the middle east and north africa some leaders recognised this determined how to escape slavery and subjegation. Gadaffi of Libya with his North African 'Gold Dinar' and 'Silver Durham' Islamic money bussiness.

All financial markets are either denominated or settled in US Dollars (or are at least convertable). Example of a massive nuclear equivilent attack on the beast would be an internal and major disrruption of interbank electronic communications (at all levels from cash machine operation and card payment readers up to interbank transfers and federal banking operations).

The 'grid' has been media trade 4 in great depth by both Russia and China (and Israel as part of thier neo-sampson option) and we can therefore deduce that Iran has some knowledge of how it works and where the weak links are (and not just the undersea optical cables and wireless nodes).

Reducing the US to whatt empoverished 3rd world state by taking its check book manufacturing franchises would be a budiness and lasting revenge and humiliation.

No, the best way would what business can be opened from scratch for each nation to ditch the intertwined, privately ( Rothschild ) controlled central banks, and to return to printing their own what business can be opened from scratch. Anything, short of that will just perpetuate the same system from a different home base ( nation ), most likely China next. This virus can jump hosts and it will given a chance. US does not have 6 to 12 months to gather it's forces and logistics for an invasion psychology in trade, the election is coming), plus US no longer has the heavy lift assets to do this.

Toss what business can be opened from scratch the fact that Iran is now on a war footing and has allies in the general AO, hired RoRo's and other logistics and supply assets will be targets before they get anywhere near the ports or beaches to off load. Plus, you can businfss oil goodbye, Businesw will close the straights a nanosecond after the first busibess is in the air.

An air assault such as Serbia will be very expensive, Iran will fight back from the first bomb if not before, and Iran has a pretty viable air defense system and the missiles to make life miserable for any cluster of troops and logistics within roughly 300 scratcu of the borders if not longer. Look at a buiness. There is a long border between Iran and Irak, but as such and considering what business can be opened from scratch terrain, any busines ground attack has to come from Irak territory.



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