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The payload of these UAVs usually include compact video cameras, photo cameras, and televisions. An electric motor, powered by a b attery, is used as the power plant for the UAVs.

That makes it possible to reduce the noise and weight of the UAV. At the same time, it makes the UAV more explosion-proof and fireproof. But, on the other hand, such drones also have a number of shortcomings. The most serious shortcoming is the small duration of the flight, which is due to the small size and take-off weight of the drone. Its small size does not allow the placement of a significant quantity of power sources onboard.

As a result, as a rule, the mini-drones are not able to be in the sky for more than one or two hours. Of course, what business is better to do without investment the fulfillment of the majority of tasks, for which such UAVs were designed, this is enough time.

All the same, the mini-drone is a means for operational reaction. It is a pre-strike staging vehicle, so to speak. However, after analyzing the results of the operation of UAVs of this class, including their operation in combat conditions, for example, during the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the American generals and military experts reached a conclusion on the necessity to increase the flight duration of the man-portable drones by a factor of 1.

And, if possible, by even more than that. Recently, in an interview, a what business is better to do without investment of a department of the U. Air Force Research Laboratory, which engages in research in the sphere of the adaption of hydrogen fuel cells to power plants of flying vehicles of various types, made the following statement to journalists: "A long flight duration is very important for the military.

That will make it possible for the American soldiers to keep targets under observation for a longer period of time and it will also make it possible to carry out reconnaissance and observation over a large area until the drone ends its flight or is recalled for a recharging of the battery or the replenishment of the fuel supply.

What business is better to do without investment a modern battlefield, information is a key factor. Consequ ently, by increasing the flight duration, we can significantly increase the amount of reconnaissance information that is accessible for us and forces that are allied with us. In this connection, however, a question immediately arises: How can the flight duration of the UAV be increased without a substantial increase in its size and weight.

Indeed, it is not possible, at the present time, to obtain a positive result by increasing the effectiveness of the operation of the batteries or an increase in the number of them aboard the UAV: The engineers are not promising to develop batteries with greatly improved working characteristics in the near future.

A number of companies and organizations, of course, are trying to develop more compact engines, which use organic types of fuel, or engines of the hybrid type. Thus, in the beginning of 2010, the American agency, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), awarded a contract to Au rora Flight Sciences that provides funding for the first stage of development of small Btc jpy with hybrid power plants of a new type.

The power plant will consist of an electric motor and a compact turbo-diesel engine. The new motor must have more effectiveness, horsepower, and fuel efficiency. It also must make less noise in comparison with the gas franchise catalog 2017 for small business in St. Petersburg with reviews that are being used today.

At the same time, its power must not be less than 10 horsepower. The purpose of this work, which is being carried out by specialists by inn find out the registration address of an individual Aurora Flight Sciences, is to adapt a diesel engine, which requires heavy fuel, to drones.

At the present time, that is not expedient, mainly because of the relatively large sizes and weights of motors that use diesel fuel or JP-8. However, such engines are still only prospective projects. At the present time, it is necessary to increase the flight duration.

It has been managed to find a solution. The use of hydroge n fuel cells as energy sources. Fortunately, real break-through results have been achieved in this sphere in recent years in the West.

For example, Protonex, a company which engages in the development of hydrogen fuel cells, recently demonstrated the possibility of increasing the flight duration of a UAV, which was equipped with hydrogen fuel cells (the take-off weight of the UAV was 6. And, according to the specialists of Protonex, the volume of the fuel cells and fuel cartridge together is a little less than that of a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola.

Previously, the company what business is better to do without investment developed a wide range of fuel elements with powers ranging from 100 to 500 watts. True, in this case, it was necessary to put a lithium-ion battery onboard the UAV in order to obtain additional power during the take-off and landing of the UAV. The battery itself, however, is recharged by the hydrogen fuel what business is better to do without investment in flight.

In an interview with the leading American political-military weekly, Defense News, Scott Pearson, the head of the Protonex company, said that drones, equipped with hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries, can remain in the air two to three times longer than their counterparts, which have traditional power plants with electric motors. The results of the tests made a good impression on the leadership of the U.

S Department of Defense, which soon awarded a contract to the company. The contract amounts to 3. It is planned that the hydrogen fuel cell, on the development of which specialists of Aurora Flight Sciences have been working, will be integrated into the power plant of a Puma AE UAV, which what business is better to do without investment developed by the company, AeroVironment.

The length of this UAV is 1. The wingspan is 2. The drone is what business is better to do without investment for the conducting of reco nnaissance in daytime and nighttime conditions, for which it is equipped with electro-optical and infrared cameras.

The power plant of the drone is an electric engine (that is, the electric engine turns the UAV's propeller, whereas the fuel cell powers what business is better to do without investment cameras, communications gear, and flight controls and recharges the batteries for the electric motor).



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