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Why not tell the public what media is being bought, which outlets are working, willingly or not, with Putin. Did the Reds implant a radio chip in Biden's skull. Will short selling is be left hanging with the info-free where to get money for small business "something something where to get money for small business media" again.

If you're going brest exchange rates today scream that communist zombies where to get money for small business MAGA hats are inside the houseyou're obligated to provide a little bit more information. Why is it when specifics are required, the response is always something like "Well, the Russians are sowing distrust and turning Americans against themselves in a way that weakens national unity" as if we're all not eating enough green vegetables.

Why leave us exposed to Russian influence for even a second when it could all be shut down in an instant. Because the intel community learned its lesson in Russiagate I. Details can be investigated. That's where de race coin old story fell apart. The dossier wasn't true. Michael Cohen never met the Russians in Prague.

The a-ha discovery was that voters don't read much anyway, so just make claims. You'll never really prosecute or impeach anyone, ticker it why bother with evidence (see everything Ukraine). Just throw out accusations and let the media fill it all in for you.

After all, they managed to convince a large number of Americans Trump's primary purpose in running for president was to fill vacant hotel rooms at his properties. Let the nature of the source -- where to get money for small business brave lads of the intelligence agencies -- legitimize the accusations this time, not facts.

It will take a while to figure out who is playing whom. Is the goal to help Trump, help Bernie, or defeat both of them to support Bloomberg. But gwt let the challenge of seeing the whole picture gget the obvious: the American intelligence agencies are once again inside our election.

The intel community crossed a line in 2016, albeit gwt (what was all that with Comey and Hillary. When that didn't work out and Trump was elected, they pivoted and drove us to the brink of all hell bsiness loose with Russiagate I.

The media welcomed and supported them. The Dems welcomed and supported them. Far too many Americans welcomed and supported them in some elaborate version of the ends justifying the means. The good news from 2016 was that the Deep State turned out to be less competent than where to get money for small business originally feared.

But they have learned much from those mistakes, particularly how deft a tool a compliant MSM is. This election whefe be a historian's marker for how a decent nation, fully warned in 2016, fooled itself in 2020 into self-harm.

Norwegian officials just where to get money for small business out in support of a Bernie Where to get money for small business presidency. So is Bernie a Norwegian asset. I actually would like that. He clear cookie edge suggested Dem leaders let Trump win rather than Bernie take over the party.

Chuck Todd called Bernie supporters "brwn shrts". Bernie's Jewish and his family fled the Nazis to Where to get money for small business. I can't even tell you the horrible thing Jason Johnson said about women of color or YouTube will block the comment.

People who think they where to get money for small business drag Glenn Greenwald on Twitter, are more delusional than people who follow Max Boot. MSNBC showed their true self after Bernie's win in Nevada and Where to get money for small business am completely done with them.



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