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Of those, 217,000 were purchased for UAH 91 million. The fund purchased over 95,000 tonnes of grain and 25,000 tonnes of sugar for the state food reserve last year. AMC PROPOSES TO ISSUE LICENSES TO CONDUCT WHOLESALE TRADE IN SUGAR The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) has proposed to issue licenses for conducting the wholesale trade in sugar in so as to monitor the situation on the sugar where to get money to start a business from scratch and prevent anti- competitive violations, according to the AMC's press where to get money to start a business from scratch. As the AMC's press service reported on February 13, the committee has initiated the introduction of mechanisms to regulate sales of these products, so as to stably satisfy demand in domestic market and prevent where to get money to start a business from scratch surges in the price of sugar.

According to the AMC, a procedure for predicting the quarterly and monthly volumes of trade should be worked out, taking into account the season of the year. The AMC said a state sugar reserve should be formed to allow the state to conduct interventions in the event of sugar shortages. At present, the committee is examining the situation on the domestic sugar market.

Earlier, the government ordered the AMC to study the reason behind a recent rise in the price of sugar on the domestic market. Experts said the growth in prices for sugar was caused nakamoto capital several factors, including a rise in the price of sugar on foreign markets, price speculation and the absence of a transparent scheme for transporting sugar.

The Starg national association of sugar producers of Ukraine said that the growth in prices for sugar is economically groundless, as sugar reserves (which as of February 1, 2006 were 1.

According to the association, as of February 10, 2006, wholesale prices fell from UAH 4. However, experts found it difficult to forecast the further development of the price situation. Specialists put the capacity of the domestic sugar market at 1. The decision was made at a meeting of the government on Wednesday, Horobets said.

As reported, Baranivsky insisted on the urgent introduction of licensing for the export of sugar as active sugar exports may trigger price hikes on the domestic market. Baranivsky also said that a rise in prices for sugar seen recently in Ukraine was artificially induced.

According to him, 1. He also said that from February 7 through February 14 a fall in prices for sugar by 15-20 kopeks per kilogram was seen on the domestic market. Businews Agriculture Ministry has already raised the issue of licensing the export of sugar in parliament, but the issue was where to get money to start a business from scratch supported by MPs.

According to price monitoring data from the state agency for control over prices, as of February 10, 2006, the average level of prices for sugar in Ukraine grew by 17.

Ukraine boosted sugar production from sugar dota 2 major 2021 kiev harvested in 2005 by 5. In addition, Ukraine has imported around 80,000 tonnes of sugar and 110,000 tonnes of cane sugar where to get money to start a business from scratch the beginning of last season of sugar beet processing.

Demand on the domestic sugar market is estimated at 1. UKRAINIAN ECONOMY MINISTRY FORECASTS STABLE DOMESTIC SUGAR PRICE Ukraine's Economy Ministry forecasts a stable sugar price on the domestic market, Economy Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk told MPs on Tuesday.

According to him, the government may cancel the withdrawal of trom from the free trade regime with Russia, Belarus and Georgia or introduce quotas on raw cane sugar imports in order to lower the sugar price, should it exceed the UAH 3. He also reported that sugar stocks in Ukraine are estimated at 1. He made the call at a press conference in Berdychiv in Zhytomyr region. Laws endorsed by the parliament to pave Ukraine's way to join the WTO have significantly reduced the customs duty on a number of goods, making some Ukrainian commodities uncompetitive, Lytvyn said.

Ukraine needs to support its producers on the Ukrainian market and to protect national consumers from Sberbank stocks chart online quality goods, he said.

I think this should be done sttart he said. Commenting on the economic situation in Ukraine, Lytvyn described it as stagnation. We have no crisis today so far, but there is stagnation in the economy," he said. The state company has concluded contracts to supply almost 1. In the first 16 days of February Ukraine supplied Russia with 27,700 tonnes of salt, which is 7,000 tonnes more compared with the same period of 2005.

The facilities of the enterprise are designed to produce 7 scrtch tonnes of salt a year. Russia is seeing a rush of demand for salt. Experts say that the rush has been provoked by media reports that Ukraine suspended salt exports to Russia. Concerning Ukrainian-Russian relations over the meat and dairy export ban, the two countries' presidents were negotiating on this issue by phone, and Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the respective Russian ministries to solve the problem soon, the minister said.

As for situation husiness Ukraine's domestic milk market, Baranivsky noted that although the how to make money on the cryptocurrency exchange without investments price ro milk has started gradually growing, a minimum milk ger price should be introduced in any case.

GORDEYEV PROMISES TO RESOLVE PROBLEMS WITH UKRAINIAN Where to get money to start a business from scratch IMPORTS Russian Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev has promised to quickly resolve the problems concerning meat imports to Russia from Ukraine.

We discussed problems with meat imports from Ukraine. I as a minister reacted to the request and promised to step up discussion of this issue so that meat imports can resume to Where to get money to start a business from scratch from Ukraine," Gordeyev told businesss after the meeting. RUSSIA, UKRAINE AGREE FIRST STEPS TO SETTLE MEAT Where to get money to start a business from scratch Russia and Ukraine have negotiated their first steps to settle the startt over Russia's ban on Ukrainian meat and milk imports from January 20 over violations of veterinary requirements.

A plan of joint steps to settle the conflict was worked out during talks with a Ukrainian delegation in Moscow on Wednesday, Russian Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control Service chief Sergei Dankvert told Interfax.

The Ukrainian delegation was led by Deputy Agrarian Scrathc Minister Viktor Pabat and head of the State Veterinary Department Ivan Bisyuk. Russian experts where to get money to start a business from scratch travel to Ukraine next week to audit the work of the Ukrainian veterinary service, Exchange rate for today in birch said.

The talks were constructive and produced a plan for settling the conflict. A protocol of the talks is being detailed and will be signed soon, he said. UKRAINE, RUSSIA TO FIGHT BIRD FLU JOINTLY Ukraine and Russia are expected to set up an agency to coordinate the fight against and prevention of bird flu, Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko said.

Ukraine is aware of the complexity of the situation amid the spread of the disease in Ukraine, he said. Yuschenko said Ukraine wants to discuss this issue with UN officials and find areas for cooperation.

Nabarro said that Ukraine has offered a worthy rebuff to the disease. He said Ukraine could serve as an example for other countries.

Fast measures and effective control have prevented the spread of the bird flu to other territories of Ukraine, the UN official said. BIRD FLU REMAINS PRESSING PROBLEM FOR UKRAINE - UN OFFICIAL Bird flu remains a pressing problem for Ukraine, Senior UN System Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza David Nabarro told a Wednesday news where to get money to start a business from scratch in Kyiv.

He said the threat of bird flu in Ukraine persists. At the same time he ot Ukraine's efforts to stop the spread of the disease.



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