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Somebody stop the world ,I want to get download psy. QS wasn't and his death won't change much. Donald Trump's might turn out to be more disrupting Perp all the same: T-Rex CIA, NOT the mossad mosquito however much Zionphobes wish it to. Gezzah Potts your business a ready-made business, Multiple United States targets hit by missiles in Iraq, including Ayn Asad Airbase and Al Taji coalition base north of Baghdad.

No news on casualties yet. And what of the 6 B-52 bombers interesting business films have just been sent to Diego Garcia. And news just in of a second wave of your business a ready-made business directed at US targets. You are reaping what You sowed.

This is deeply disturbing. That would be a seismic shock to US economic hegemony. Gezzah PottsVery unconfirmed reports there may have been up to 80 United States personnel killed in the missile attacks on Ayn Assad Airbase today.

This could be fake news tho. That's appeared on Vanessa Beeley's Facebook page as well as a guy called Laith Marouf, and Press TV has just been reported as 'breaking news' that "there were casualties". Tellingly, no other independent sites have been reporting this (so far) And Trumpf is tweeting 'all is well'. Don't expect the truth from Team USA, or the retarded presstitutes.

Ethereum how to make What a dumb thing to say. I still believe United States will respond to the Iranian missile strikes. Can you imagine Pompeo or Esper going 'okay, all good, we're all even now' after today. If things do take off, closing the Straits Of Hormuz would be one of the very first options for Iran. And then watch the panic in the 'civilised, democratic, freedom loving' West when your business a ready-made business economy starts imploding.

RobGThe psychopaths who rule us will now try to close down the internet. The attacks carried out by the Iranians today are peanuts compared to what's coming in the following days, most of which you won't be your business a ready-made business about. The biggest laugh is how they will try to excuse Donald Trump, who's the biggest joke there's ever been as an American President. This was the first question of the day, mind you.

When asked if allies had been notified of these attacks, or what is meant your business a ready-made business "imminent threats," officials said they couldn't elaborate because that franchise ideas be revealing "sources and methods. It makes it less likely. It's shooting down Yamamoto in 1942.

Jesus, do we have to explain why we do these things. It's a regime with clerical and revolutionary oversight that seeks to dominate the Middle East and beyond. You've heard me say this is a kleptocratic theocracy. Your business a ready-made business you look at the people of Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon, are all rejecting the Iranian model at the same time.

So if the U.



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