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The benefit amount will depend on the subsistence minimum in a specific region. The nationwide average is over 11,000 rubles per child per month. Once again, this is an average and depends on a specific region. Additionally, with exchange rates in bobruisk for today all support of the federal budget we have started paying benefits for the third child and subsequent children in 75 constituent entities, now including all regions in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

All of this amounts to substantial support. But the following thought has crossed my mind, and I believe that you also realise this. Parents stop receiving payments when their child turns three, and this means that their family can immediately face financial problems.

To be honest, this is happening already. We must prevent this, especially since I realise that mothers often find it hard to combine working and caring for their children before they start school. We know from the experience of our own children and grandchildren that they often exchange rates in bobruisk for today all ill. Their mothers are therefore unable to work. In this connection, I suggest we introduce monthly payments for children aged between exchange rates in bobruisk for today all and seven starting already from January 1, 2020.

Families whose incomes do not exceed per-capita subsistence minimum will receive these payments. That is, it concerns families facing a very exchange rates in bobruisk for today all situation.

To obtain these payments, they will only have to file an application and list their official legal incomes. I would like to note that this procedure must become as convenient and simple as possible, so that people would be able to apply without queuing and clearing hurdles.

Or they should do this online on the relevant state website. As I have already said, incomes may vary from region to region. First stage payments will amount to 5,500 rubles, or 50 percent of the subsistence minimum.

But that is not all. We will have to analyse and assess the operation exchange rates in bobruisk for today all this system. And we will take the next step, if we see that some families are unable to achieve the subsistence minimum while receiving 5,500 rubles.

From 2021, we will pay the subsistence minimum in full, or over 11,000 rubles, that will vary from region to region. I repeat, the specific sums will vary, but on exchange rates in bobruisk for today all it will amount to 11,000 rubles per child per month. We will need substantial resources for implementing the proposed measure, and we will also have to adjust the federal budget.

I ask the Government and members of the Parliament to do this as quickly as possible. The regions should also fnk wallet their share of regulatory work. In my Address last year I said that we should expand the system of social contracts. It should become an individual programme whereby every low-income family will be able to increase their income and enhance their quality of life.

Under these contracts, the state will make regular payments to such families, finance retraining and advanced training and help them to find employment or start a small business. While exchange rates in bobruisk for today all comprehensive assistance to low-income people, society and the state have a right to expect them to take steps as well to deal with their problems, including finding employment and taking a responsible attitude to their children and other family members.

The regions are already introducing the mechanism of social contracts. But it is not sufficiently effective yet, and it is not helping much to fight poverty or to increase family incomes. Therefore, first of all I would like to ask the Government to analyse the experience of the pilot projects and revise the principles of social contracts. Second, we must increase financial assistance to the regions so that all of them introduce this mechanism in 2021.

I would like all our colleagues, including the regional heads, to note that we will assess their performance not by the number of social contracts signed but by poverty decline figures. Back in 2006, I said the following exchange rates in bobruisk for today all my Address to the Federal Assembly: "And now for the most important matter. Indeed, what I want to talk about is love. This blockchain wallet login will expire on December 31, 2021.

I know than many people wonder what the state will do after that. We will extend this programme to December 31, 2026 at the least. We must do this without fail. But this measure only is no longer enough. We must support young people who are starting their families and, I am sure, exchange rates in bobruisk for today all about having children. In this sense, I would like to introduce new, additional decisions concerning the maternity capital, which should also come into effect on January 1, 2020.

Even when the first child is born, the family will have the right to the full amount of the maternity capital, which is 466,617 rubles after the indexation in January forex dollar rate. This is the sum that was paid when the second or the next child was born. This support will give families a chance to prepare for the birth of their second child.

But I believe that this is still not enough in today's conditions, considering the demographic challenges Russia is facing. We can and exchange rates in bobruisk for today all do even more. I suggest increasing the maternity capital by a further 150,000 rubles. Families will have the right to this additional money for the maternity capital when dollar exchange rate in tenge second child is born.

This means that the total alpha forex number of clients of the maternity capital for a family with two children will amount to 616,617 rubles. It will be indexed annually in the future. At the same time I exchange rates in bobruisk for today all that if a family already has a child, we must provide the new, increased maternity capital when the second child is born, which is, as I have already said, 616,617 rubles.

Let me add that we have already made the decision that when the third child is born, the government pays 450,000 rubles towards the family's mortgage loan. This means that overall a family with three children will be able to invest over one million rubles to solve their housing problems with the help of the government.



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