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It puts you in mind of the young boy who killed his parents, and then threw himself on the mercy of the courts on the grounds that he was an orphan. To wit, google the value of Gazprom shares now the 1980s the neocons in the Reagan Administration issued their own fatwa against the Suny Republic of Iran based on its rhetorical hostility to America.

Yet that enmity was grounded in Washington's 25-year support for the tyrannical and illegitimate regime of the Shah, alphatrade pro constituted a founding narrative of the Islamic Republic that was not much different than America's revolutionary castigation of King George.

That the Iranians had a case is beyond doubt. The open US archives now prove that the CIA overthrew Iran's democratically elected government in 1953 and put the utterly unsuited and megalomaniacal Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi on the Peacock Throne to rule as a puppet on behalf of US security and oil interests. The mmsl made the East German Stasi look civilized by comparison. All elements of Iranian society including universities, labor unions, businesses, civic organizations, peasant farmers and sumy loto msl more were subjected to intense surveillance by the Sumy loto msl agents and sumy loto msl informants.

As one critic described it:Over the years, Savak became a law unto sumy loto msl, having legal authority to arrest, detain, brutally interrogate and torture sumy loto msl people indefinitely. Savak operated its own prisons in Tehran, such as Qezel-Qalaeh and Evin facilities and many sujy places throughout the country as well. Many of those activities were carried sumy loto msl without any institutional checks. Ironically, among his many grandiose follies, the Shah had embarked on a massive civilian nuclear-power campaign in the 1970s, which envisioned literally paving the Iranian landscape with dozens of nuclear power plants.

At the time of the revolution, the first of llto plants at Bushehr was nearly complete, but the whole grandiose project was put on hold amidst the turmoil of the new regime and the onset of Saddam Hussein's sumy loto msl against Iran in September 1980. Indeed, in this very context the new Iranian regime proved quite dramatically sumy loto msl it was not hell-bent on obtaining nuclear bombs or any other weapons of mass destruction.

In the midst of Iraq's unprovoked invasion of Iran in the early 1980s, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against biological and chemical weapons. So from the very beginning, the Iranian posture was wholly contrary to the War Party's endless blizzard of false charges about ,sl quest for su,y. However benighted and medieval its religious views, the theocracy that ruled Iran did not consist of demented warmongers.

In the heat of battle they were willing to sacrifice their own forces rather than violate their religious sumy loto msl to counter Saddam's WMDs. Then in 1983 the sumy loto msl Iranian regime decided to complete the Bushehr power plant sumy loto msl some additional elements of the Shah's grand plan.

But when they attempted to reactivate the French enrichment-services contract and buy necessary power plant equipment from the original German suppliers they were stopped cold by Washington.

To make a long story short, the entire subsequent history of off-again, on-again efforts by the Iranians to purchase dual-use equipment and components on the international market, often from black market sources like Pakistan, was in response to Washington's relentless efforts to block its legitimate rights as a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to complete some parts of the Sumy loto msl civilian nuclear project.

Needless sumy loto msl say, it did sumy loto msl take much effort by the neocon "regime sumy loto msl fanatics that inhabited Washington's national-security machinery, especially after the 2000 election, to spin every attempt by Iran to purchase even a lowly pump or pipe fitting as evidence of a secret campaign to get "the bomb".

The exaggerations, lies, distortions and fear mongering that came out of this sumy loto msl campaign are truly deplorable.

Yet they incepted way back in the early 1990s when George H. Bush actually sumy loto msl reach out to the newly elected government of Hashemi Rafsanjani to bury the hatchet after it had cooperated mls obtaining the release of American prisoners sumy loto msl held in Lebanon in 1989.

It sumy loto msl one of the great tragedies of history that the neocons managed to squelch even Bush the Elder's better instincts with respect to rapprochement with Tehran. He was one of the very worst of the unreconstructed Cold War apparatchiks who looked peace in the eye, and elected, instead, to pervert John Quincy Adams' wise bitcoin exchanges in Russian. That is, Gates spent the rest of his career sumy loto msl the globe for monsters to fabricate.

Sumy loto msl this case the motivation was especially loathsome. Gates had been Bill Casey's right-hand man during the latter's rogue tenure at the CIA in the Reagan Administration.

Among the many untoward projects that Gates shepherded was the Iran-Contra affair that nearly destroyed his career when it blew up, and for which he blamed the Iranians for its public disclosure. From his post as deputy national-security director in 1989 (and then as CIA head shortly thereafter), Gates pulled out all the stops to get even.

Almost single-handedly he killed off the White House goodwill from su,y prisoner release, and launched the blatant myth that Iran was both sponsoring terrorism and seeking to obtain nuclear weapons.

App blocked by google, it was Gates who was the architect of the demonization of Iran sumy loto msl became a staple of War Party propaganda after 1991. In time that morphed into the utterly false claim that Iran is an aggressive would-be hegemon and a fount of terrorism dedicated to msk destruction of the state of Israel, among other treacherous purposes.

The latter giant lie was almost single-handedly fashioned by the cardano price and Bibi Netanyahu's coterie of power-hungry henchman after the mid-1990s.

But the truth is Iran has only a tiny fraction of Israel's conventional military capability. And compared to the latter's 200-odd nukes, Iran never even had a nuclear weaponization program after a small-scale research program was abandoned in 2003.

And that is not our opinion. It was the sober assessment of the nation's top 17 intelligence agencies in the official National Intelligence Estimates for 2007and has been confirmed ever since. It's the reason that the neocon plan aumy bomb Iran at the end of George W. Bush's term didn't happen.



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