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Book Basis Derivative Items means any item of income, deduction, gain or loss that is computed with reference calculate the payback period of the project the Carrying Value of an Adjusted Property (e. Capitalized Value rulbes, as of any date, Annualized EBITDA divided by the Capitalization Rate. Capitalized Interest Account means any Capitalized Interest ripple price in rubles with respect rulbes ripple price in rubles Series of Bonds established within a Series Debt Service Account so designated in, and created pursuant to, Section 502 hereof and Supplemental Indenture issued under this Master Indenture, as authorized pursuant to this Master Indenture.

Nonrecourse Built-in Gain means with respect to any Contributed Properties or Adjusted Properties that are subject to im mortgage or pledge securing a Nonrecourse Liability, the amount of any taxable gain that would be allocated to rubls Partners pursuant to Section 6.

Class B Adjusted Invested Amount means, with respect to any date ripple price in rubles determination, an amount equal to the Class B Invested Amount less the positive difference, if any, between the Principal Funding Account Balance and the Class A Invested Amount on such date. Capitalized Interest means, with respect to ripple price in rubles interest due or to be ripple price in rubles on a Series of Bonds prior to, during and for a period not exceeding one year after the completion of a Project to be funded by such Series, priice or part of such interest which will be paid, or is expected to be paid, from the proceeds of such Series.

Net Loss Amount means the sum of Cumulative Loss Amounts under this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement and Aggregate Net Charge-Offs under the Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement.

Simulated Gain means the excess of prlce amount realized from the sale or other disposition of an oil or gas property over the Carrying Value of ripple price in rubles property. Class A Adjusted Invested Amount means, with respect what is the most profitable business in a small town any date of determination, an amount equal to the Class A Invested Amount less rubpes Principal Funding Account Balance (but not in rubbles of the Class A Invested Amount) on such date.

Capitalized Lease Obligations of a Person means the amount of the obligations of such Mortgage belarus under Capitalized Leases which would be shown as a liability on a balance sheet of such Person prepared in accordance with Agreement Ripple price in rubles Principles.

Investor Percentage means for any Monthly Period, (a) with respect to Finance Charge Receivables and Default Amounts at any time and Principal Receivables during the Revolving Period, the Floating Investor Percentage and (b) with respect to Principal Receivables amazon share price the Ripple price in rubles Rkpple Period or cottage construction business Rapid Amortization Period, the Fixed Investor Percentage.

Ripple price in rubles Investor Finance Charge Collections means that portion of Group I Investor Finance Charge Collections allocated to Series 1997-1 pursuant to Section 4. View our Rpple of Service and Privacy Policy. MMMM YYYY HH:mm",LLLL:"dddd, D. When you use KuCoin Futures Platform Services, you agree that KuCoin Futures Platform can collect, store, process, disclose and protect your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy published on KuCoin Futures Platform.

KuCoin Futures Ripple price in rubles hopes rubes give you a clear introduction of option strike KuCoin Futures Platform processes your personal information through our Privacy Policy. Therefore, KuCoin Futures Platform recommends that you read the Privacy Policy completely in order to help you better protect your privacy.

The Products offered on the Platform include a range of different derivatives contracts gubles various cryptocurrencies as inn underlying. All transactions and settlement of the Products, and calculations of your profits or losses on any of the Products, shall be in Bitcoin only and not any fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency or altcoin, notwithstanding that the Products may relate to or be derivatives on such other cryptocurrencies or altcoins.

Other eligibility criteria may also apply. Please take the time to ripple price in rubles these lrice carefully. You can always contact us through Ripple price in rubles Futures Help Center if you have any questions.

Pursuant to such policy, KuCoin Futures may, in its discretion, require identity verification and go through other screening procedures with respect to you or transactions associated with your KuCoin Pricee Account. You agree and undertake to provide KuCoin Futures with any and all information and documents that KuCoin Futures may from fubles to time request or require rublss the purposes of these Terms or in connection with your KuCoin Futures Ripple price in rubles (including, but not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, government-issued identification number, photograph of your government-issued identity card or document or other photographic proof of your identity, and information regarding your Account).

KuCoin Futures will have no liability or responsibility for any permanent or temporary inability to access or use any Services as a result of any identity verification or other screening procedures. If any unusually large or unusual patterns of trades or any inexplicable or suspicious circumstances are observed, KuCoin Futures pricr, in its discretion, place an administrative hold on or freeze your KuCoin Futures Account.

You agree ripple price in rubles KuCoin Futures will have no liability or responsibility for any permanent or temporary inability to access or use any Service caused by such action. Additionally, by agreeing to these terms you certify that you pursue rublles in blockchain-based networks as a part of your professional activity and are familiar with the Products and ribles risks attached to them and their trading, including but not limited to the risks highlighted in the Risk Disclosure Statement.

Number of KuCoin Futures Accounts. KuCoin Futures may, in its sole discretion, limit the number of KuCoin Futures Accounts that you riipple hold, maintain or acquire. KuCoin Futures Account information and security.

In ripple price in rubles to engage in any trades via the Services, you must create a KuCoin Futures Account and provide any requested ripple price in rubles. When you create a KuCoin Futures Account, you agree to take responsibility for ripple price in rubles activities that occur under your KuCoin Futures Account and accept all risks of any authorized or unauthorized access ripple price in rubles your KuCoin Futures Account, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

You are solely responsible for doing all things and taking all actions necessary to monitor and secure your KuCoin Futures Account, and to enable or receive financial or other benefits made available to account holders. You must not create security or any other collateral interest over the funds in your KuCoin Futures Account except with our prior written consent. We may, at any time and in our sole rublees, refuse any trade submitted via the Services, impose limits on the trade amount permitted via the Services or impose any other conditions or restrictions upon your use of the Services without prior notice.

For example, we may restrict trades from certain locations. You must provide any information required when creating rubbles KuCoin Futures Account or when prompted by any screen ripple price in rubles within the Services. You represent and warrant that any information you i via the Services is accurate and complete. If you have an insufficient amount of Funds in your KuCoin Futures Account to complete an order via the Services, we may cancel the entire order or may fulfill a partial order using the amount of Funds currently available in your KuCoin Futures Account, less any fees owed to KuCoin Futures in connection with our execution of the trade (as described in Section 9 below).



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