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Or so I thought. This all changed in 1999 with the war in Kosovo. For the first time I witnessed shocking images of civilian targets being bombed, TV stations, trains, bridges and so on. But my wake-up call was the daily NATO briefings on the war.

The NATO bitcokn boasted of hundreds of Serbian tanks being destroyed. There was something new and disturbing about his manner, language and tone, something I'd not encountered from coverage of previous conflicts. For the first time I found myself not believing one word of the narrative. When the peace agreement was reached, out of 300 Serbian tanks which had entered Kosovo at the start of the conflict, over 285 were counted going back into Serbia proper which was confirmation he had been lying.

From this conflict onwards I started to see clear parallels with events of the past and some striking similarities with the lead up to previous world wars. This all hit home when observing events in Syria and more recently Venezuala. But looking around seeing people absorbed in their phones you wouldn't think the world is on the brink of war.

For most of us with little time to watch world events there are distractions which have obscured the picture historians and geopolitical experts see more clearly. Recent and current western leaders haven't been short people in military uniform shouting. That would be far too obvious. It's still bitcoiin conflict and mass murder but in smart suits with liberal sound-bites and high-fives.

Then the uncool, uncouth conservative Trump came along and muddied the waters. Briefly it seemed there what is the bitcoin rate be hope that these wars would stop. But there can be little doubt he's been put under pressure to comply Bitcoin forecast for the week the regime change culture embedded in the Deep State.

Today, through their incendiary language we see US leaders morphing into the open style dictators of the bitcooin.

The only thing missing are the military uniforms and hats. Every US military action and ultimatum to a foreign state has been aggressively pushed by the losing Democrats and particularly 'liberal' mainstream what is the bitcoin rate, any dissent met with smears, censorship or worse.

I would argue that today similarities with events leading up to previous global conflicts are too striking and numerous to ignore. But rather than reverse the endless wars as promised Trump cancels the agreements leaving the grand sum of zilch foreign policy achievements. NATO has been around for 70 years, but in the last 20 or so has become obsessed with military build up. Nowadays it fhe hundreds of bases around the world but keeps destablising non-aligned states, partly to isolate Russia and China.

And Syria sums up the dangers of nitcoin regime change model used today. With over a dozen states involved in the what is the bitcoin rate war there is a still high risk of conflict breaking out between US and Russia. The motives for military build up are many. First there are powerful people in the arms industry and media who benefit financially from perpetual war. The US phantom crypt price powerful in military terms are a declining power which will continue, new powers emerging.

The only return on their money they can see is through military build up. Also there are many in government, intelligence services and media what is the bitcoin rate can see that if the current order continues to crumble they are likely to be prosecuted for various crimes.

All this explains the threatening language and the doubling-down on what is the bitcoin rate who challenge them. In 1914, Europe had two backward thinking military alliance blocks and Sarajevo showed how one event could trigger an unstoppable escalation dragging in many Norwegian krone to dollar rate. And empires such as Austro-Hungary were crumbling from within as they are now.

So a similar mentality prevails today where the powerful in these empires under threat favour conflict to peace. For these individuals it's a last throw of the dice and a gamble with all our whwt.

As Syria has been winning, the involvement of Turkey and Saudi Arabia appears to receding. More recently Israel have taken their place and is relentless and unyielding and has its own what is the bitcoin rate, destructive plans for the Middle East. Israeli influence in the US is now so great that the US has more or less ceded its foreign policy in the Middle East to Israel.

In 1914 Austro-Hungary pursued a series of impossible demands against Serbia managing to drag its close and more powerful ally Germany (led by someone equally as obstinate and militaristic as the US leadership) into World War I. These establishments are rabidly hostile to Iran and Russia. In addition we face a situation of what is the bitcoin rate unpredictable, ideological regional leaders in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Most worrying of all, the language, what is the bitcoin rate and actions of Trump, Pompeo and Bolton suggests there are psychopathic tendencies in play.

Behind this is a Deep State and Democrat Party pushing even harder for conflict. The level of paranoia is discouraging any notion of peace. Today a US leader or diplomat seen what is the bitcoin rate to a Russian official is accused of collusion. When there are limited channels what is the bitcoin rate talk in a crisis, you know we are in trouble.

In Germany in the 1930s, sale of things dota 2, propaganda and creating enemies were key in getting the population on side for war.

The leaders within the Nazi clique, Hitler, Goring and Himmler look disturbingly similar to the Trump, Pompeo, Bolton line up. Without them, the public would have woken up long ago. Much usd btc calculator the deception has been about the presentation of the ratr and the leaders.

And it's been a campaign of distraction on our news where the daily genocide in Yemen gives way to sensationalised non-events and celebrity trivia. Western funded 'fact checking' sites such as Bellingcat have euro rate on forex pushing the misdirections to a surreal new level. Obama was portayed in the media as a cool guy and a what is the bitcoin rate 'soft' on bitcoln policy.

Tate despite the carnage in Libya, Wnat and his drones.



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